Hello, I'm Lucy and I started the Ynot food company.

I love sweet treats. I also like to eat well most of the time. I wanted to satisfy my sweet tooth without feeling like I was sabotaging my healthy diet, something that might even have benefits as well as being delicious.


I needed it be:

100% natural

Not high in sugar

Full of good fats & high in fibre

Not made from dried fruit & nuts

Without palm oil or other nasties


I couldn't find it, so I made it myself.


My dream for Ynot food co has always been to create foods that taste like a treat but are much better for you than you might think.


Whether you are looking for a 'better for you' treat or just really like sweet stuff then these are for you.



For a few years I had been running a business baking things like dairy, wheat & refined sugar free chocolate brownies and flapjacks to sell at foodie markets and events. I started experimenting with baking because I knew there had to be a way I could eat sweet things while sticking to the way I wanted to eat - without dairy and wheat, low in sugar and high in fibre. Then I wondered, if I enjoy eating this way then surely there are others that would like to do the same. This is where the company name comes from, the answer to all of my questions was 'why not?'.


I picked the two most popular flapjack flavours, from the markets, to get started with and then the Ynot food co snackbar was born.

I am passionate about creating foods that are better for you but still taste delicious and satisfying. I have never wanted to compromise on my desire to make 100% natural products with less sugar and more fibre, even when that means things get complicated and take longer than I hoped.

I really hope you love them as much as I do.

Please feel free to get in touch and let me know.

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