This wonderful oil is unlike others because it contains a high percentage of medium chain fatty acids, as opposed to long chain fatty acids found in most other plant oils. One of it's many benefits is it's quickly and easily digested by the liver then converted into energy rather than stored as fat. We use organic, unflavoured. It adds a really fudgey texture.


The humble oat is mightier than it seems. Gram for gram it is very nutrious, full of magnesium, copper, zinc and vits B1 & B5. With large amounts of beta-glucan, a type of fibre, it helps promote good bacteria in the gut, keep your blood sugar stable as well as helping to keep you fuller for longer. Their subtle flavour works well.


Full of antioxidants and minerals such as iron, calcium, copper and manganese cocoa not only tastes good but does you good too. It has been said that it can increase blood flow to the brain and can act as a mood booster. It adds a rich chocolatey taste without the added fat from cocoa butter.


Even though this syrup is made from dates it does not taste of dates. It is more like a cross between honey and dark brown sugar. Minimally refined, it retains its minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, selenium and vitamins A, B6 & K. The syrup is rich with deep flavour and sweetness so we can use less.


The most sustainable sweetener in the world, from the nectar of the coconut tree flower. Minimally refined it retains its nutrients such as iron, zinc & B vits. Much lower GI than regular sugar (this is the effect a food has on your blood sugar levels, the lower the number the better). Tasting like toffee it adds loads of flavour so we can use less.


A natural source of fibre from the root of the chicory plant, also called Inulin. Most people understand that we need plenty of fibre in our diet but sometimes it is hard to achieve. This fibre helps to promote good bacteria in the gut as well as helping you to feel fuller for longer.


Depending on the flavour we also use 100% natural ingredients such as ground spices and pink himalayan salt.


A small pinch of natural green tea is added too. This powerful ingredient is so packed with antioxidants that it helps to keep the products fresh. Many sweet treats, even the healthier ones, are high in sugar which acts as a preservative (this is why it is added to so many foods that would not normally contain it). Our products are not high in sugar.

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